Play Mode

Settings & Unlock

  • Unlock Manage Mode
  • Customize Famigo


  • Kids request safe apps
  • Parents review & purchase in Manage Mode

Famigo Blocks

  • Ads
  • In-app purchases
  • Home and Back buttons

Recommended Apps

  • Famigo reviewed & APProved apps for your child
  • Kids can add apps to their wishlist
  • Kid-safe apps already on your device

Manage Mode


  • Change passcode
  • Adjust Security
  • Reboot to Famigo


  • See your kid’s wishlist requests
  • Add new apps
  • Remove unwanted apps


  • Tap lock to set your phone into play mode

Set Timer

  • Set a play time limit
  • Easily add time if needed
  • Locks down Famigo when limit is reached


  • Up to 5 Premium Apps per month
  • Watch 1000s of hours of streaming videos
  • Including Jim Heanson’s Sid the Science Kids, Cat in the Hat Know a lot about that!
  • Kids Safe Browser
  • Kids Safe Youtube Video

Kids Apps

  • A Curated Section for Kids
  • Featuring preloaded Games and Educational Apps


  • Apps for Everyone
  • Everything from Productivity to Entertainment Apps

Preloaded Apps

Toddler Counting

The app that teaches your child how to count in a fun way.

Kids ABC Phonics

Get your child on a head start with their ABC’s

Color & Draw

Those 2 words and the word “fun” explain it all.

My First Zoo

Your child can practice their motor skills, as well as beginning their vocabulary early.

Shrek Forever After

Step into Shrek’s shoes and experience the journey.


Hop across platforms and beat your best friend’s high score.

Ice Rage

Face-off against the toughest opponents on the ice.

Math Bugaboo

Learn math with your favorite bugs.


The Candy Crush for children.

Riptide GP

Do you have what it takes to be in 1st place?